SB 947: Support Allowing Electric Utilities to Open Land for Recreational Purposes

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Overview of SB 947 by Kolkhorst

  • SB 947 is designed to open utility land for recreational use by reducing the liability for utilities that allow land the utility owns, occupies or leases to be used for recreational purposes.
  • Current law allows this use of utility land in Harris County and El Paso County. SB 947 would provide similar liability protections to utilities statewide.

SB 947 is an Effective Way to Increase Recreational Space in Texas

  • SB 947 will increase the amount of recreational space in cities and neighborhoods, thereby adding to the overall beautification of the state.
  • Utilities have through ownership or leasehold substantial unimproved land holdings. However, many utility companies have a long-standing practice of restricting the use of their land by the public to limit the risk to lawsuits resulting from public use of its property.
  • The protections provided by SB 947 are necessary, because utilities granting recreational activity licenses would be exposed to greater risk of litigation since the public would be using utility property and coming in closer proximity to power lines under the bill.

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