Latest Updates to the AECT Library

May 2015 – CSSB 513 and CSHB 2187: Support Adopting Key Measures to Reduce Metal Theft

May 2015 – HB 1101: Support Ensuring Remaining System Benefit Fund Balance is Disbursed to Eligible Customers

Apr 2015 – CSSB 1398: AECT Opposes Unnecessary, Redundant and Prescriptive Requirements Related to Electric Grid Security

Apr 2015 – CSHB 3428: Oppose Temporary Continuation Of Utility Service

Apr 2015 – SB 513: Support Adopting Key Measures to Reduce Metal Theft

Apr 2015 – HB 962: Oppose Prohibiting the PUC from Addressing Resource Adequacy Concerns

Apr 2015 – HB 4087: Support Making Carbon Capture Equipment Eligible for Pollution Control Exemption

Apr 2015Electric Utility Activities Related to Grid Security

Apr 2015CSSB 474: Concerns Regarding Legal Fees for Eminent Domain Proceedings

Apr 2015 – CSHB 1535 by Frullo: Improving Efficiency and Supporting Investment in Non-ERCOT Areas

Apr 2015 – Texas is the Only State in the Region Without Modern Ratemaking Mechanisms

Apr 2015 – Nationwide, Texas is One of Only Three States that Lacks any of the Four Most Commonly Used Modernized Ratemaking Mechanisms

Apr 2015 – CSHB 1535 by Frullo: Myths vs. Facts

Apr 2015 – CSHB 1535 by Frullo: Support Modernized Ratemaking for Non-ERCOT Electric Utilities

Apr 2015 – SB 1122: Support Ensuring Texas Power Plants and Mines Maintain Access to Groundwater

Apr 2015 – HB 2253: Unnecessary Study on Fees Aims to Limit Options for Customers

Apr 2015 – HB 2563: Oppose New Requirements for REPs Marketing Electricity

Apr 2015 – HB 3428: Regarding Temporary Continuation of Utility Service

Apr 2015 – HB 3552: Discussion of Appropriation of $25 Million for Electric Grid Security Programs

Apr 2015 – HB 862: Oppose Unnecessary Notification in Transmission Siting Process

Apr 2015 – HB 2561 & HB 3288: Oppose Reallocating Congestion Charges in ERCOT

Apr 2015 – SB 776 & SB 933: Support legislation related to the PUC’s Scope of Competition Report

Apr 2015 – Support HB 3457 by Flynn to Allow SWEPCO to Replace Generation and Meet EPA Requirements

Mar 2015 – HB 3343: Creating a New, Advantaged Class of Participant in the Competitive Electric Market Specific to Demand Response

Mar 2015 – HB 2254: Limiting Electricity Product Types Available to Customers

Mar 2015 – HB 2327: Reauthorization of the Periodic Rate Adjustment Mechanism

Mar 2015 – SB 774: Reauthorization of the Periodic Rate Adjustment Mechanism

Mar 2015 – Legislation to Enact Recommendations Included in the PUC’s “2015 Scope of Competition in Electric Markets in Texas”

Mar 2015 – SB 841 by Creighton/HB 1535 by Frullo: Modernized Ratemaking for Non-ERCOT Utilities Will Improve Efficiency and Support Investment in Non-ERCOT Areas

Mar 2015 – SB 841 by Creighton/HB 1535 by Frullo: Detailed Explanation of Proposed Legislative Changes

Mar 2015HB 489: Additional Smart Thermostat Regulations Would Unfairly Target REPs

Mar 2015HB 1092: Duplicative PUC Report on Electric Customer Complaints

Mar 2015 – HB 474: Concerns Regarding Legal Fees for Eminent Domain Proceedings

Feb 2015 – Overview of Customer Protection Rules in the Competitive Electric Market

Jan 2015 – The ERCOT Competitive Electric Market Includes Substantial Oversight to Protect Customers and Significant Shopping Opportunities

Jan 2015 – Legislative Staff Briefing: How Electricity Works

Jan 2015 – ERCOT Wholesale Electric Market: Focus on Resource Adequacy

Dec 2014 – State and Local Taxation of the Electric Industry in Texas

Dec 2014 – The Electric Industry in Texas: Fifteen Years of Innovation, With More to Come

Dec 2014 – Legislative Staff Briefing: A History of Innovation

Dec 2014 – Electric Competition and Consumer Benefits

Nov 2014 – Every Competitive Area in ERCOT Has Variable and 1-Year Lock Offers Available That are Lower than the National Average Price

Nov 2014 – Renewable Energy Sources in Texas

Sep 2014 – Texas Electric Generators: Reducing Emissions

Jul 2014 – Water & Electricity

Jul 2014Electricity 101: Operations and Recent Statistics

May 2014 – Legislative Staff Briefing: Preparing For Summer

Mar 2014 – Legislative Staff Briefing: Winter Update

Jan 2014 – Smart Grid Technology

Jan 2014 – Energy Efficiency Structure Working for Texans

Jan 2014 – The History of Electric Competition