Latest information for Consumers Opting Out of the Advanced Metering Program

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The PUC’s rule allowing customers to opt-out of advanced metering service was adopted on September 1, 2013. The affected transmission and distribution utilities (TDUs) have filed compliance tariffs outlining proposed costs for the Non-Standard Metering Service (NSMS). The TDUs include: AEP Texas Central Company, AEP Texas North Company, CenterPoint Energy, Oncor and Texas-New Mexico Power Co.


Notice to the Retail Electric Providers (REPs): REPs were provided 45 days’ notice of the approved costs and when TDUs will begin offering NSMS. At that point, customers who did not receive an advanced meter during deployment and asked to be placed on a “do not install” list received an Acknowledgement Form that provides information regarding NSMS and associated fees.

Sixty day decision window for those with non-standard meters: Customers who did not already have an advanced meter had 60 days to decide if they would like to opt-out; if the signed Acknowledgement Form and payment was not received by the TDU in that timeframe, an advanced meter was installed.

Timeline for future replacements: Customers who choose to replace their advanced meter in the future will have to return a signed Acknowledgement Form and payment of the initial fee. They will then have their meter replaced within 30 days.


As of February 9, 2015, out of approximately 6 million customers served by AECT member companies in ERCOT with advanced meters, only 439, or 0.007%, have elected to opt-out of the AMS program.

For more information, including charges for opting out, click here.